Hello. Has anyone tried the medicaion Cyclosporine? What medications have worked for you? How long did it take and how did you get diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis? Any information comments would be great. Thank you.

I had methotrexate, lefluminide, Enbrel and now Humira but not cyclosporine. I thought this was rarely used because of its side effects. I looked it up and the following is from the John Hopkins Arthritis Centre site ( ) (Cyclosporin A(ref 3-5) may be effective for both cutaneous and articular disease, but caution must be exercised given that as many as 21% of patients may develop hypertension and 17% nephrotoxicity.)

I've had this for 30 odd years and I like to do as much research myself before agreeing to new treatment. I think the stories on these pages indicates the knowledge of Dr's on the treatment of this disease varies considerably and self knowledge and a willingness to question them using that knowledge is important

good luck with your search for a treatment that suites you.

Yes I have been on cyclosporine for quite some time , Started taking 4 pills a day until my creatine level went to high which signals possible kidney damage. I am on 2 pills a day now and have blood work about every 3 weeks. It has help alot with my psorisis, not sure with the PsA. I have psorisis all over my body,only my face is clear this time. Every time i have a flare it gets worse. I am in pain most of the time abd have to be in a wheel chair when i go out. I am also on stelaria( i think i spelled right). Hope this helps

When I was first diagnosed in , I was put on cyclosporine, sulfasalizine, and methotrexate at the same time. I took the cyclo and sulfa everyday and injected the methotrexate once a week. I had horrible side effects that I do not wish anyone else to ever have to suffer. There were so many side effects with all of these medications, it was impoosible to do anything in a normal living situation. I have not been on cyclo or sulfa since 2005 and have since tried Enbrel, and Humira. I have been receiving Remicade now for almost 5 years. My numbers are good on Remicade but daily living can be quite difficult with the pain. I hope you have great success with your disease and suggest to you; go by how YOU feel. How we feel is number 1 in my book and my doctor believes that is more important than any blood test. Good Luck!

When I was first diagnosed, I was put on Remicade (injected), which soon became apparent that I was allergeric to. I broke out in a horrible rash, psoriasis I guess. Never had it before and never want to have it again. It was on my hands (palms) fingers, arms, legs and the bottom of my feet. Had to wear gloves to work....attractive!!! After that I used my own meds/supplements as long as I could stand it. I am now on Methotrexate and folic acid. I also take two Tramadols instead of one. I was told recently (last week ) that I have PsA and Osteo in my right shoulder, thoracic spine and the lumbar spine w / degenerative changes. I am trying to put off retirement for 2 more years. Praying I make it. I also have fibro and diabetes type II, caused by taking predizone for so long. I have been from 60 mgs down to 5 mgs, and am still on the 5mgs. I will be praying that all of you can find a medication that works for you, so that you can live a better quality of life. God Bless!

My dermatologist/consultant physician put me on Cyclosporin (after unsuccessfully trying methotrexate, Neoral- both made me really ill) Was tolerating the cyclo well (or so I thought) for several weeks, then BAM. Of course (as I think I'm a bit of a medication ''problem child'') the Cyclosporin made me really ill! And while I was on it I had a tooth abcess, dentist gave me penicillen (which I've taken many times over my 55 years!) After 1 tablet I ended up in the ED with anaphyllactic shock!!!!

off the Cyclosporine, then onto Azathioprine- which was wonderful for a few weeks- I actually had several pain free moments. Then I got incredibly Ill, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness,etc for several hours per day, blood test showed I had something called Azathioprine Hepatitis. off meds until Liver tests clear. Yesterday started on Arava, hoping this may be the one! Of course, if not, there are several more methods of drug torture I can be subjected to!

I'm in Australia, so some of the drug names may be different??

Sorry, for my rant, once I start I can't seem to stop!

PSA- the ''gift'' that keeps on giving......