Magnetic pulse therapy

Has any one tried magnetic pulse therapy for their PSA?? I have started seeing a nutritionist and he has suggested it for my pain and inflammation. At this point I am willing to try anything.


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I had to do a bit of reading. I saw a lot of claims, so then I had to add in research to my search terms.

The research that I did find talked about how it worked in a cell culture, and some impact on rats.

Here’s my big question. This is a supplemental treatment, and I’m assuming that your insurance doesn’t cover it at all. So even if there’s research that supports its use for an inflammatory disease, it’s got to be expensive.

So my first question would be what are you specifically looking to get out of it? My next would be wondering what treatments you’re currently using, and how they’re working for you.


I have seen units for less than $3000. I know that’s a lot of $$ but it would be worth it if it really works.

I am like a lot people here and been dealing with PSA and or inflammation issues for years with no real relief.

I did the same thing, see several rheumatologists and finally find one that you think can help.

I started 12mq of methotrexate 1 day a week and 800 mg of etodolac everyday in December and things have not improved and in fact may be worse.

The Rhum says that my PSA is under control and the hip, knee, wrist and shoulder pain and inflammation is osteoarthritis and I need to see my family doctor.

I am trying to see another Rhum but as everyone knows it takes forever!!! It has gotten to the point I cant even put on my socks. As a 51 year old this should not be an issue.

I am so desperate that I started seeing a Nutritionist last week. The first thing he did was to make me stop all soda which has been sooooo difficult. I LOVE diet coke.

He also put me on some supplements that are supposed to help with inflammation. He also has me doing some sessions on the PEMF equipment so that is why I asked everyone about it. He is also doing a hair analysis to see what else may be off in my system.

It has been a week now with no soft drinks, taking the supplements and 5 1 hour sessions on the PEMF matt and I feel 90% better. I am also still taking the etodolac but I stopped the meth last week.

I plan to start reducing the etodolac to see if just the supplements will work.

This site has been such a great resource for me since I was diagnosed with PSA that I wanted to share my experience in hopes it may help someone else.

Lots of things help osteo (at least temporarily) but keep in mind Osteo comes from damage an is for the most part irreversable. You may have misunderstood what your rheumy said/ meant. Lack of progression is what keeps you out of a wheel chair and even gives the other things you are doing a chance to work. Continued progression of the PsA even if osteo pain is under control can be huge…Disease control and pain control are two different beasts.

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Rheumatologists work with people with osteoarthritis as well. That’s a bit confusing that he’s pawning you off on your GP.

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I hope the new Rhum will give me some better advice than my current one.

I will take the pain relief no matter how long it lasts. After 4 years of non stop pain a week of relief feels like a life time.

I will keep everyone posted on my progress and I really appreciate all the advice.

Its good to have people that understand what you are going through. It makes you feel like normal!!!


Former Diet Coke and Coffee addict here: When I was trying to quit (been ‘clean’ for 10 yrs now) I continued the caffeine as tea, continued the carbonation as club soda or sparkling water. Sounds silly I know, but I needed to separate the nutrasweet, carbonation and caffeine components. The Nutrasweet was the big thing to quit. Among all it’s other charms, it made the brain fog feel better, but at the cost of increasing the seizures and depression. I allowed myself to have the club soda for 2-3 years longer before cutting that out too.
The coffee was remarkably easy to stop. A friend said try no coffee (caffeine in any other form is fine) for 72 hrs. If it helps give it up. If it didn’t, forget it. 48 hrs in and my sciatica disappeared and hasn’t been back since. Best of luck!

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I am going on almost 2 weeks now and its been HARD. My wife has always told me drink water and my reply is that water is the first ingredient in Diet Coke!!! She failed to see the humor.

I have been drinking a ton of water and some Zevia drinks. They are supposed to not too bad for you plus drinking something out of a can tricks my mind into thinking its soda.

I still crave soda but its not nearly as bad as last week.


Drinking coke is like mainlining sugar. Must be tough on the body.

I wouldn’t say that my body is my temple exactly, more of a dilapidated bungalow, but I’m wary of sugary drinks. If you’re not used to them the impact of a few sips makes it clear just how hard-hitting they are. I think you’ll re-set yourself quite quickly and wonder why you ever bothered. It’s a really good thing your doing for yourself!


Hey yogi! Great to see you back! Aside from your sciatica being better, how has your PsA been?