I am curious if anyone else has experienced this.

About the same time I was diagnosed with PSA and started Otezlla then biologics, I started having keratomas appear on my skin. I have 62 and that was four years ago an now I have more and larger dark brown crusty spots. Dermatologist says don’t worry about them but I was curious if anyone else had experienced this.


brown spots

I want to make certain what you are referring to. Are you talking about Actinic keratosis? I’m glad that you already had it checked out by the dermatologist.

I think the correct name for them is Seborrheic Keratosis. Derm just refers ti the as keratomas. The tich like hell and I only got them after my diagnosis of PSA.

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Aha, the things that used to be called ‘senile warts’!! Apparently they’ve stopped referring to them that way 'cos some folk objected.

Anyway, the answer is yes, I have these with more popping up all the time and while I accept they are most likely due to getting older + some sun damage, I believe the meds we take do encourage them. They are harmless. They can be removed if you can be bothered. @Jon_sparky has been known to remove them using his own utterly terrifying ‘home remedies’ (not recommended by me!).

Yep, had never had one before biologics and one popped up within months of starting - I was a bit alarmed and got it checked, both the skin guy and the Rheum said the same as Sybil, the biologics seem to increase them, but they are harmless. But there is some evidence for an increase in skin cancer with biologics, so I was told to get a full check annually.

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Yes, I’ve now got quite alot including one on my jaw that I want checked as soon as it’s safe to venture out and see a doc.

Yes, my freezing them off with dry ice. Tricky, I might break down and buy a nitrogen sprayer for around $200, the liquid is fairly cheap. Dry Ice is not as cold so I have to hold it on the spot longer… :grimacing:

My drs. refer to them as “maturity spots” & yes, after I began biologics (tried numerous, now Ilumya is working for the 3 types of psoriasis, does nothing for the Ar) not only did begin to get numerous “maturity spots” but the few I already had grew in size. I’ve only had one in a sensitive area removed so far, but there are a couple more that need to be gone. Docs insist they are not a concern unless they cause me discomfort.

Seems like my suspicions were correct. It is always something, isn’t it with these drugs.

Many have popped up on me as well. Been on Cimzia for a year for the PSa and on one or another drug for 5 years. If it is true that bio’s make us more prone to cancers I am proof it is true. My sports started out like those pics. Many became waxy and easily come off. Others which looked exactly the same turned out to be squamous cell skin cancer I’ve had 3 out of 30 excised and confirmed as such. Keeping a GOOD dermatologist in the PSa fight is a must.

Same ! I hate them. My derm told me to try Amlactin lotion. I have had squamous and basil cell carcinoma and I have to see the derm q 6 months. I could have them removed but insurance doesn’t cover it. Out of pocket is about $50.00 a pop. I might do a couple every visit, but I hate that liquid nitrogen and I scar very easily from it. Plus, it’s a possible infection site until it heals, so 🤷