Jaw Replacement

Hi, back from having bilateral jaw joint replacements. Three weeks out now and wondering if anyone else has had the same procedure. The surgeon said it is almost definitely related to the PsA. It’s very tough going, the pain is pretty awful, as due to other medical problems I can’t take NSAID’s or morphine related drugs. Surviving just on paracetamol and warm heat packs. Managing fluids just though a syringe into my mouth.

If anyone else has had it done I would be interested in knowing how they coped.
Struggling with the back pain which is always made worse by reduced mobility, I keep as active as I can normally which helps my back and joints immensely in the long run but feeling weak and frail at the moment I can just about potter round the house now.

I might sound a bit down and depressed but I’m not, I’m just struggling with pain and weakness and looking forward to feeling better.

Any help appreciated. :hugs:


I didn’t have that procedure but feel for you nonetheless. I am proud of you for handling the pain with such nobility. I wish I could tell you how to make it better. Although I can’t fix you, I am sending positive healing and loving energy your way.

@Kmwestmo, Thank you for your kindness, it does help. It has been a very tough time but getting through it one day at a time. :hugs:

Hi there, that sounds awful and so painful, I do hope you are starting to feel a bit more comfortable, I really do feel for you. I have jaw pain and have had x-rays but they are not too bad and do not need replacing thank goodness, but it is an awful pain so must be 100 times worse for you. I do hope you have a message from someone who has had the same experience but in the meantime hope you are managing to get some pain relief. best wishes.

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