Humira every week?

Anyone else doing Humira every week? I have been for 7 weeks now. Just wondering if anyone else is and how you feel? It may be helping a little, but I feel really tired now.

I’m on its biosimilar and all I can say is that it doesn’t last the 2 weeks. And generally I’m really not getting on well with it.

I was on Humira twice a week, it seemed to help, but not enough. I think it was at 6 months of Humira that my doc bumped me up to every week which did help more. But I was still having lots of pain and inflammation in lots of joint, just less. So, the more frequent dosage did make it work better - it just wasn’t the right biologic for my immune system.

Now I’m on Zeljanz, which is helping me a lot more. Now I only need to take pednisone when the weather is really bad. It’s been about 7 months - but it’s so hard to tell with these meds - is it the meds, or the fact that summers are typically much better for me, or my post lyme symptoms receeding, or was most of that pain from the vitamin deficiency that I figured out around the same time I started the new med? Haha.

Ashleykins, twice a week or twice a month??