How to deal with ER visits?

I was worried at one time because I thought maybe I was depressed, Lord know I had enough reasons...I had all the symptoms, sleeping a lot, tired a lot, couldn't think straight, etc...the doctor gave me a course of prednisone and I got better right away. It seems as though my pain translates to other things, and I really just needed some steroids. It wasn't long after that I switched from Enbrel to Humeria...the Enbrel just wasn't doing the job after so many years. Arthritis wise I feel good now, but am having to deal mostly with Menier's Disease.

I’ll post it again. I think it can be posted as a file that is easy to copy and change.

Yitsa said:

I actually am interested in an emergency flow sheet.

My one and only visit to A&E for myself was with good old kidney stones (had waited for 24 hours hoping I just had a bug?! Then drove myself there at 5am, yeah I know!) When my shoulder “popped” and the pain dropped me to the floor (worst pain ever!) I just waited til the dizziness passed got off the floor iced my shoulder, pain meds, doubled anti inflammatory meds and waited til it felt better lol. Will do just about anything to avoid going! Saying that we now have an out of hours urgent GP clinic at the hospital which is a fantastic service and like visiting a locum GP who has access to your medical file on the NHS database if you’ve given permission for them to access it.
Great idea about the ready bag :slight_smile: As I was admitted with the KS I had nothing with me and had to get my son to riffle through my drawers to find undies etc…an experience he doesn’t ever want to repeat he says lol

I have to be near death before I go into an ER. Now with the Ebola virus I will not go near one.