How do you cope with frustrating conversations?

I have a pain in the ass friend who In joys just showing up on my door step with her hole family just to see how I’m doing wink wink. Really I know they just came for food and the latest info on how much hair I have lost or how bad the rash has spread and skared my skin. Come to find out she is out and about telling everyone I know all about how bad I look and how someone should convince me to buy her magic juice that will save me from all my pain for the small price of $50 dollers a bottle. Talk about kicking somone when there down. I told her Friday to stop comeing by the house and to stick her juice where it needed to be because no friend of mine should take advantage like that.

There’s always one little do gooder with an alterear motive around.

Gentle hugs to all of you!!!

Seenie - I LOVE your way of dealing with the question!

I often say, things like, "I'm doing ok, all things considered." I don't need to go into the "all things" if the person isn't interested. OK can be ok good or ok not so good. There are people in my life who genuinely want to know how I'm doing, and I can say things like, "It would be more pleasant to gnaw off my own leg at this point," and they understand.

My mom asked me how I was doing when I was on the phone with her this morning. I laughed. She said, "That good, eh?" and I said, "It would be helpful if I could walk, but my knees aren't working. At least I have use of my hands at this point," to which she responded, "Well, that's something!" It's nice to have people in my life who I can be honest with, but who also understand I prefer to look for the positives and not dwell on the pain.