High eosinophils relative and absolute

I just did another Blood test today and my eosinophils relative jumped quite a bit from a couple months ago. Is your eosinophils relative high too?

Eosinophils Relative
Your Value : 25.5 %

Standard Range0.0 - 4.0 %

Eosinophils Absolute
Your Value
1.5 103/uL
Standard Range
0.0 - 0.5 10

its certainly worth a discussion sudden Elevated peripheral blood eosinophilia (>6% or absolute count >0.7×109 cells/l) is not uncommon in arthritis patients when they have associated drug reactions. Its also indicitive of seasonal allergies or immunizations. Your doc will have an answer. did you recently inject? It could be that simple

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Thank you for the reply. No injection and my second CoViD19 shot was at least more than a month ago. No allergies.

I have an appointment with my hemetolgist next week and will give an update here.

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Thankyou keep us posted , it will help many.


Did another Blood test and my eosinophils level is still very high. My Dr suggest I stop taking Sulfasazine because it may be causing the rate to go up high. Anyone experience that? I will be meeting with my RA next week.

Found a few articles