Has anyone ever gone back to Enbril?


I was diagnosed 11/12 years ago and started with Enbril. Over the years have had good results with the meds but only lasting about 1 1/2 to 2 years. Now have 8 damaged digits on fingers and toes, could sleep all day long, and fight my dr about IV med. I've used Enbril, Humira, Simponi, all with daily prednison and metho. Dr. finally decided to let me try Enbril again before I have to go to Remicade. Anyone else go back on original drug and have any success? I don't take pain meds, but just started Celebrex because Ibuprofen was causing ulcers.???

I used Humiria, Enbrel and Simponi all for about a year with some reduction in symptoms. I returned to Enbrel for another year with some reduction in symptoms before starting Remicade recently. I think it is worth a shot but unfortunately if it stopped working once it is likely to stop working again. I am very hopeful about Remicade but will have to see. Good luck.

Hi Michael. I'm curious to hear about your history with PSA. If you care to share... My Rheumatologist says I'm the worst case he's ever seen...??? I have severe Psoriatic Arthritis with moderate (although getting worse) psoriasis. I have 8 sausage digits on fingers and toes, with 2 severly damaged. The only med that seems to keep the edge off is prednisone 20 - 35 mg. a day. I hate to be on that but it really is the only thing that works. I haven't been on Simponi and Metho injection for over a month because I was to start Remicade. I had a horrible experience at the infusion center where they couldn't find a good vein and stabbed me several times... on top of that I was getting on a plane the next day and freaked out and left without having the injection! I talked to my dr about going back on Enbril which wa the first med I started with 12 years ago to see if there would be any success. I hate the thought of IV feeling like that's the last resort, but I also hate that I am continuing to have joint damage as I reluctantly fight the meds...

If you are willing to share... I'd love to hear how long you have been diagnosed? what your symptoms are? what you found works best? any diet changes? are you able to work? etc.

Thanks for the talk....

I am on my 2nd return to Enbrel in 11 yrs. This time my doc is doubling the dose. I can take 50mg twice a week, but am sticking with 50mg every 4 days for now to see how it goes. Increasing the dosage seems to be doing the trick this time, as I've had some improvement.

Thank you... good to know. What other meds had you tried and what made you go back to Enbrel?

Hi Chelby,

I took myself to rheumy in 2006 (I am a nurse) and asked if I had PsA, she said no despite my sister having PsA and I having P. 2007 was the year from hell for me. I went back in 2008 and said I know you don't think this is PsA but...rheumy interrupted and said of course it's PsA why aren't you on a biologic! Ah well.....

I was born with both legs bent at odd angles. My mother always told me it was a "packaging problem" in utero and that it was NOT club foot. They casted my legs when I was a few days old.

I broke my ankle and my knee in early adolescence. Looking back I think I ruptured tendons which caused both falls and breaks. At the time it was thought the tendons were damaged in the falls.

So I think I was "Born this Way" to steal a little from the Gaga.

My sister with PsA went into full remission (only 1 joint affected) after bee sting therapy. I am the only one in my family that believes in Western med at all. I come from a long line of herbal remedy hippies! They are horrified and very negative about the meds I choose to take, but that is a story for another thread.....

I follow no special diet though I have eaten well my entire life. Always had a garden and harvest my own meat most years. I come from a long line of farmers who have always gardened organically probably as we were to cheap to buy all that crap! Now my diet is not quite as good as I have lost my appetite.

I ma no longer working. I went into triage in my 40s as I was having trouble keeping up. I thought it was age related. I was also a single parent for 10 years. I had lots of trigger fingers, tendonitis, bursitis, etc. After 2007 I was quite obviously ill but didn't know why. In 2010 I went to part time, 2 days a week but I was struggling. I walked with a cane, used a hand splint, bought ergonomic key boards, etc. I went out on full disability May 2012.

I think I answered all your questions. Maybe. If you have more ask away. I have nothing to hide from a fellow PsA soldier!

I went back on Enbrel because I had been through all the other biologics and Enbrel was the one that worked the best for me out of all of them.

Chelby said:

Thank you... good to know. What other meds had you tried and what made you go back to Enbrel?