Happy Christmas one & all!

Christmas is coming, apparently.

Tough time of year for many of us. It’s the only time my whole family regularly get together and although we love each other, you wouldn’t necessarily know it at Christmas. And what if it’s one of those wretched ‘bad days’ … PsA’s special ‘gift’? A gift that sucks out all resilience?

I’m resolved to go with the flow. Chaos may ensue, my hosting skills may be lacking, rank ingratitude might test me to the limit … molehills, not mountains. And there again, could be fun!

I’ve learned so much from members here, not just about PsA but all sorts of things. Many of you come to mind when I’m struggling … ‘how would so & so handle this?’

Thanks so much LwPsA! Happy Christmas to all of you here!


Merry Christmas! Wishing you a wonderful holiday with plenty of grateful people!


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