Guidance needed

I guess it is my day to whine. I am on MTX and meloxicam. I do not take my Humera as my sinuses are always full and often infected though I rinse, take mucinex D, and steam. My Rheumy wants me to start an infusion in about a month. Folks, I am so tired of pain and exhaustion. I swim a bit. I eat healthy. I sleep enough. What am I missing? Pain and exhaustion rule my life. I am a 48 year old ADHD mom of 4 girls, middle school teacher, outdoors Montana girl, and now I can not even carry my own groceries or run my own vacuum. I have had sinus surgery…neck fused…hysterectomy…WHAT more can I do? Am I trapped for life? If I quit teaching I lose instance and retirement. AARRGGGGGG!!! I feel like a failure because I used to do it all. Now that the girls are teenagers and will actually remember what I do…I don’t do half of what I did. I just go to my room and lay down. I want to throw parties, chase sports, camp! I want to stay up late playing cards, but I can’t hold cards. So there. I whined. But really, I am hoping someone out there can tell me what I am doing wrong…or what I am missing in order to get a break from pain.

You're not missing too much with the vacuuming. I know it's really tough, and it sounds like you're having a rough time right now. Hopefully you can make things work out with lifestyle adjustments and medication adjustments.

Do you allow yourself to rest? I know that sounds obvious, but it sounds as though you are very busy, and may not be making that time.