Grateful to have support during this time period - backwoods Rheumy from the netherwold

Seven years ago I lost my job and was preparing to be homeless with my 16 year old son. No family would take me in since obviously there was nothing really wrong with me. I was just lazy and/or mentally ill. I found my self in Minnesota where the healthcare was amazing. I got my PsA diagnosis, all my medications were in place, I had a nasty break up with my fiance so I thought good time to come home. California health care is back street abortion bad compared to Minnesota but hey what could go wrong?

The only two doctor Rheumatologist office in the small town got me in but the doctor is horrible. He keeps questioning that I have Psoriasis when every person in my family has it and I have known what it was since I was ten. He has no interest in my feedback. He completely ignored the level of Remicade I had been on and cut it substantially. Instead of 710 mg ever four weeks he feels that 300 mg ever 8 weeks should be enough. Needless to say my pain is rising fast. I ended up in the ER today from back spasms and pain. He took away most of my pain medications and treats me like I’m lying to him when I say antidepressants are not something I can take because psychologists diagnose me as bi-polar when I am on them. They would not let me come in for a cortisone shot which they can do but just don’t have time to see me. When I first saw him he agreed to fill one of my pain medications but then when he did fill it, he cut the dose. At this point I was going to watch my back so when the pharmacy sent me a text that the prescription was filled I checked the count. I called the office and requested he fix it because my pain is escalating and there is no way I’ll get by with that dose their only concern was how the heck did I find out it was filled already? Really? You don’t know that the pharmacies text people and send out emails not to let your customers know its ready? I had to explain? I left out the part that I checked because I trust him as far as I can throw him. At the end of the day Thank goodness my angel of a Rheumy in MN gave me lots of meds to tide me over. The Toridol shot along with the predinsone and Lidocaine gell I have from the last Rheumy calmed down the pain enough I could stop crying. I am starting to think a 30 minute drive to the next town over to see a different Rheumy might not be such a bad drive. Does it always have to be so hard?
The one thing that has helped me get through all of this is to see I am not alone. I feel so much less alone and lost because of the courage you all show in sharing your experiences. Thank you.

Bless your heart!!!!! I can understand when regular MD's are jerks.. I can understand when uneducated family and friends are jerks.. but a Rheumatologist?!?!?!?!?!?? I think that's crazy!!! I would definitely go find another dr.. see if the one in MN can REFER you to one that he trusts.. that might make a difference.. having him give your history.. I pray things change in your situation SOON!

Keep searching for the right doctor. It makes a world of difference. My family doctor recommended one Rheumy that I didn't like at all and then he recommeded a wondeful woman one who is very kind . Hang in there!!