Extremely irritated!

Why to people in my life insist that when I complain about the pain that I am exaggerating!! or I'm a hypochondriac!

I was stung by a wasp this past Tuesday.. my forearm is HARD as a rock, super red, swollen to the point my husband says I look like Popeye the Sailor Man, It's hot to the touch (has a fever in it).. I have asked my family... "Is this normal"? I have even called the dr. (who wanted me to go to the ER and get an antibiotic IV, which I did not) And then today, my 21 yr old HEALTHY as an ox little sister tells me I over exaggerate and I'm a hypochondriac... UGH!!!!!!

I feel you. Every time I’m not doing well and tell someone I can see them roll there eyes like I’m making it up or being oh poor me. I find that I just keep my mouth shut and not let too many people into my word.

Redsfan.. you took the words right out of my mouth.. Even when I tell people about where I came from (before the meds) it's like they don't believe me at all.. I don't wish bad things on people.. but if they could live with what we have for just a couple of days... They would really feel badly for all the rolled eyes, snide comments and unbelief!

I’ve had people that seen what I was going through before meds and could see that I was clearly in pain act as though I’m just lazy. Oh well I guess. My wife knows how I feel most days without me even saying anything so at home I’m u nderstood and that’s all the matters.

We all go through this, believer, though it does not make it right! Someone, somewhere in our lives acts the very same way, sometimes worse. It makes people uncomfortable to be around people who are not well, look normally, speak normally... and they don't understand what it is, how the disease changes us. They think that because they can push through things that we should too. Sorry you have to go through the disease or the bad reactions from others. Hopefully it can change.

Yup, know that feeling :frowning: Thankfully not from any of my friends or family. I’ve got a training partner (I did martial arts for ten years before being diagnosed, still teach it for a living) who saw me demonstrate a kick for a beginners’ class and afterwards wanted to know why I wasn’t back in training if I “felt that much better”. My first impulse was to break his leg for him-then ask him why he wasn’t walking. Obviously I let that thought pass and then felt a little sorry for him that he just didn’t get it. People will be stupid sometimes. People who care about you will also sometimes say really stupid things because they’re scared half to death for you. Perhaps your sister says what she says because she desperately wishes it was the case. My sister cried when she found out about me having PsA. Everybody deals with bad situations in their own way. Take a deep breath, and repeat after me, “I really don’t give a flyin crap” Now close your eyes, stick your thumbs in your ears, and wiggle your fingers while blowing a raspberry. You’ll feel better almost immediately (at least emotionally)

Yes, its all a sad part of having a disease that doesn't make you look sick. I also subscribe to bumble's "I couldn't give a flying crap what you think"...although my thumb is too swollen to fit in my ear :-(

Aussieweb, it works just as well with your thumbs on your temples. Then you get to hear everyone’s shocked gasps ;):wink:

Hahahaha! Well thank you Bumble and AussieWebb for the laugh this morning! I did need that!

My pleasure. The great thing about making others laugh is that you wind up laughing as well :slight_smile:

"If you don't laugh you'll cry"...and I've done enough of the latter, sometimes both at the same time ;-)

Yeah its sooo darn frustrating, sometimes people dont say it but I think they they are thinking I am making it all up. Most days I have fatigue and have to sleep in my lunch hour, what happens? I just get given MORE work to do!!! My sister, who excercises like demon and doesnt beleive in meds tells me perhaps its the medication causing my back pain or maybe my chair at work. REALLY!! I am so tired of explaining myself at least here we all get to vent

JoJo... That's why I even looked for this support group... for some understanding.. My sister is an exercise demon as well... and thinks I'm a wimp or wuss when I can't do all that she can (in her healthy little, had no kids, 20 yr old body!!!)