Experiences with MTX and bloodsugar

I am aware that MTX can raise bloodsugar and I imagine most of you know of this issue. My question is: have any of you had experiences with raised bloodsugar who were already pre-diabetic or type two diabetic prior to starting MTX?

No, but my blood sugar has gone up in the past 6 mo. as I've been on Arava. I know Arava is similar to MTX, so I am curious too.

I wasn't aware of this, and checked a few sites out, like drugs.com, and didn't see a connection.

I'm on Mtx about 18 yrs now. Just got diagnosed with type 2 a year ago.

The liver is the concern with mtx. But when i had to take steroids, when my liver labs were elevated, and off mtx for 4 months. The blood sugar shot up. even a cortisone shot in the shoulder will make blood sugar higher in the morning

I had a 7.3 AIC, then a 6.8, then a 6.0, and then a 6.4 in December....it's done every 3 months, this blood test.

I am on glumetza for diabetes2....I was heading for pre-diabetic, the last few years. Have to get a little weight off, and be less sedentary to get sugar down

So my answer to your question, is no, because i have been on mtx so long, and just the last few years, sugar was higher..take care

No. My blood sugar has been stable on MTX.

I was on MTX for a year and had no problems with elevated sugar either.

I have been on mtx for a few years, no elevated blood sugar yet. My blood sugar does rise a little when on prendisone.

I have been type two diabetic and on MTX for a couple of years and it doesn't bother my sugar at all. Actually I've lost weight and don't even take anything for diabetes anymore and have no problems.

I think you can lower blood sugar if you exercise.

Thnx - already try to do what I can. Diabetes all over my genes and I am pre-d. Two bad legs - one since age 12, operated on age 13. Othr leg includes ankle as well as knee. Use a cane. Regular expercise methods not fit for me. Do walking when I can - with a cane. Have a stationary bike and now more regular and able to tolerate it. I wrote this discussion topic after a morning fast bldsugar count of 138. I am aware of all the tricks and typical story lines for diabetes. My bloodsugar numbers seem to have gone down since my posting. Most have no experience of a rise due to MTX which is good. I will post something on the discussion in a day or so.

Boy can i relate!...I have fused ankles, and knee replacements....so exercising isn't always possible......We finally got some snow!....But when i did some indoor walking at the mall, and not buying anything!......I did get sugar down..What i hate is a banana has a lot of carbs...i have to limit that. I go to a diabetes educator, a dietician every 2 months

Good luck with it/take care

Hi, I was pre diabetic before starting MTX last year and had been for about 5 years but it seemed to be stable. I had my Fasting glucose done several times over the last month and then a Glucose tolerance test which confirms I'm now diabetic with type 2.

I'm yet to hear what my rheumatologist thinks but have informed his office.

I went on a low carb diet in August as I felt it would be better for me to try to control the amount of carbs and so blood sugars, and noticed a reduction in thirst so at least I'm doing what I can.

I've been signed up for the UK diabetes patient education programme but had to cancel my first appointment as I was admitted to hospital with kidney stones, UT and Kidney infection.

Seems the plan is for me to carry on as type 2 diabetic and am still on MTX 25mg weekly, I'll be interested to see what happens if and when I come off MTX