Enbrel and depression


I've been on Enbrel before but had a heart attack a year ago in December, so I took sometime off to let my body heal. Then I started Humira with some relieve without to many side effects, but it didn't relieve to many of the symptoms. My rhemotologist then asked if I'd like to try Enbrel again. So I'm back on Enbrel with some side effects that aren't to great. I'm getting the depression back and the fatigue. Anyone else have these side effects? What do you do to make them better? Thanks so much for the help.

Hugs! Have you spoken with your doctor about the depression and fatigue? For some this can be a sign of low vitamin B (6 and 12) and/or vitamin D levels, and something as simple as taking supplements can help a ton. If it isn't that, there may be something your doctor can prescribe to help, if you want to go that route.

I had the same symptoms when I started Enbrel about 10 weeks ago. They have gotten better as times goes by. Make a journal with your symptoms and discuss with your doctor. Good luck.

Depression can hit anyone anytime. But people who are fighting a chronic illnesses, it can hit hard. Please go and talk to someone for there are ways to help.

I hear you with the fatigue loud and clear! I think we're all takin' so many new meds to battle this thing... I'm not sure if it's the PsA or the meds that are making it a struggle to motivate...

As for the depression NYM's got a great point as far as the possibility that it could be a B12 deficiency but if depression is new to you then it's more than likely either a side effect from the meds or a natural reaction to a cruddy disease.

Wishing you energy and joy.....

Hi Lily,

I do recall feeling ‘blue’ when I first began Embrel, however I had low vitamin D levels also.
I have regular VD capsules now, which has improved my blue feelings out of sight.
This does not mean you are deficient; you need to speak to your GP or rheumy. If, you are brushed aside regarding this, please speak to another GP.
In the meantime, grab a book or comedy movie, a warm cuppa, a favourite rug and your pillow and enjoy relaxing when you can.

Follow up: I recently began back on Embrel in conjunction with some other meds and I am feeling exhausted and flat again. I went and got my Vit D test done today, so I will post up here when I know my results.

Interestingly, I was the last person to post on this thread a year ago and here I am, back with the same issue.