When I visited the site to send a donation, my computer said the site was not secure. Can anyone tell me the best way to donate to this valuable website without compromising my credit card?

I don’t know the answer to this, but I will ask the right people for you!

Do you mind telling me exactly what the message said and how you came across it?

Hi Mom5932 - I will check on that. I know Ben installed a bunch of security before we started taking donations. Maybe it lapsed or something. I will ask him, as he handles it.

If worst comes to worst, we have a simultaneous fundraiser going right now for people who are not members. Lot's of people love Ben's Friends and want to see it keep going even though they are not a patient. It's pretty cool and they donate here:

Hope you had a great Christmas!


Hi, mom5932, this is the first security warning I've heard of, but if it comes up again, can you email me a screenshot ( and I'll look into it?

Also, another company is handling our external (non-patient) fundraiser. You should definitely not get any security warnings there.