Do I need to adjust my expectations?

The fatigue is so horrible. That alone can make you depressed. The Vitamin D at 5000IU helped some but then my GP prescribed Modifinal. It is a stimulant but isn’t “speed”. I still feel tired sometimes, but the brain fog isn’t there and it allows me to acknowledge the tiredness and then get stuff done. I got caught up in expecting my Rheum doc to solve all my problems, when really, your GP can help put some of the pieces together.

Am so glad you all talking about these issues, it is so stressful sometimes in everyday work and general life circumstances to put a bright relaxed front with the disease s monster eating one up inside, crouched like a smirking goblin on your shoulder reminding one of its inexorable , permanent presence. Just wanted to repeat that fasting and a no sugar no starch no gluten diet has reversed my symptoms, please look up autoimmune diets and intermittent fasting for interesting results. Have a nice evening, everyone.

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So Rob, how are you doing these days?

I’m hanging in there Seenie, thanks for asking! Still looking for the right combo of meds to get some relief. Still taking the Duexis twice a day and my dr added Arava about 3 months ago. Just stopped Humira and starting Xeljanz in its place. Had my cholesterol checked and its up quite a bit, so dr said I have to get it down some by next appt in Feb or I’ll have to either go on cholesterol meds or stop the Xeljanz. Also can’t stop the Vit D or B or my levels bottom out, so needless to say my bathroom counter looks like a drug store! I’ve had to put them all in a med app to keep up with what I’m taking so I don’t forget :roll_eyes:

My pain hasn’t really decreased and it’s constant presence has made it almost secondary to my fatigue and focus issues right now, which after reading that again is sad that I’ve just accepted that it’s here to stay?

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, work has been so busy and most days I just collapse when I get home.

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Wow, I thought I wrote this! Full body pain and stiffness is becoming my norm.

Let me say one thing about dealing with depression, from many years of experience, please don’t go to a PCP for anti-depressants. They only push whatever the latest drug rep hyped. Get yourself to a psychiatrist! preferably a psychopharmacologist. These docs know what meds are best.

THIS!!! For years I resisted going to the local psychiatrist (I’d known him since preschool … mother is one of my besties). Finally, after years of messing around with various dosages of something that wasn’t helping, a friend suggested Cymbalta. Not my PCP, a friend! I suggested it to the PCP, she shrugged and wrote a script. Feeling a bit better after a while, but realizing that I wasn’t getting much help from her, I bit the bullet and asked for a consult with the psychiatrist. Half an hour of his time, and he confirmed that I was taking the right drug. I had the dosage wrong, though. He told me exactly how much to take, how I’d know it was working, and how long it would take to get the full effect. Bang on in just one consult. I haven’t looked back, or been back, but if things start going wrong, I won’t hesitate to go back!

It really is worth whatever it takes to get a real expert’s advice.

Ah Rob, no need to apologize, but I’m really sorry to hear that you aren’t getting appreciably better very fast. Interesting about the cholesterol levels. I’ve had the same thing happen to me, despite following a low-fat diet, exercising, and losing a significant amount of weight.

Have you considered getting a second rheumatology opinion?

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