Did anyone get the arthiritis before the skin psoriasis

Weird question but just wondered whether anyone suffered from the arthritis before getting the skin psoriasis. I have had arthritis joint pain and inflammation since I was a baby it was noticed when I didn't crawl or walk and my left knee was affected it locked in a bent position. I was sent to Alder Hey children's hospital the doctors were baffled as to what was happening to me I saw loads of doctors and professors from all over the country and they decided that I had some sort of inflammatory arthritis they operated on my knee and after months of having my leg in traction plaster casts and physio I learned how to walk. It never really bothered me after this occasionally I would get a few aches and pains but nothing I wasn't used to up until about 3 years ago since then I've had tmj it practically locked my jaw with about a 1 cm opening I have grade 2 chondramalacia of the right knee fluid on my wrists and ankles this showed up on ultrasounds. nodules on the back of my fingers where the knuckle joint is two constantly swollen wrists carpal tunnel syndrome and severe pain in my spine and sij joints which I've just had an MRI scan for at first I thought this would just go away just as it had done when I was younger but now as I have had it for the last 3 years and had very minimal psoriasis just on my scalp knees and elbows and it has done all this to me I think quite differently I don't think it will ever go away now just wonder why it has come back after all these years

Catherine that happens to many people. I can't remember if it's 15% of people with PsA get PsA before P, or if it's even more.

Hello Andrew In most cases, the arthritis develops after the psoriasis - most commonly within 10 years after the psoriasis first develops. However, in some cases the arthritis develops much later. In a small number of cases the arthritis develops first, sometimes months or even years before the psoriasis develops just wondered whether the arthiritis developed first in any other members or whether it has been doing damage to my joints etc for the last twenty odd years also wondered whether it would affect me any differently was just curious thats all

Hi Catherine, I have had psoriasis for over 40 years and started signs of PsA about 15 years ago. I have two older brothers who also have psoriasis (worse than mine) for well over 40 years with no signs of any kind of arthritis. That said, my sister was just diagnosed with PsA this past week and she has never had psoriasis or any other skin irritation except an allergy to the sun which has gone away in the last several years.

I had the arthritist first then the p. First the doctors thought I had RA but then I found an odd looking scale on my knee and the doctor sent it off and it came back P.

Thanks for the replies

I had “probable fibromyalgia” years before the skin and scalp ps. And I had the nail psoriasis before anything appeared on my skin or scalp. I think this is part of why I have had such a hard time getting a diagnosis for PsA. There have been no visible signs of ps when I went in to see the Rheumys. My primary doc has seen a small patch on my shin once.

So Sorry to hear of all your joint problems since such a very young age…

Hi Clr sorry to hear you have had such an hard time getting the Psa diagnosis. I to have had very minimal psoriasis which comes and goes and have only had it for for a few months. It scares me to think what damage it has done from being untreated for all those years or maybe it hasn’t done much damage and that’s why it hasn’t really bothered me since being a child up until about 3 years ago maybe i should count my blessings that it went away for so long. oh well just think I will have to wait and see. Think I have more than enough damage and pain already. Hope you get the psa sorted soon and thanks for the reply