Can't Sleep? Check this out

Finally somebody recognizes sleep problems for Arthritis patients If you ar close to Joihns Hopkins check this out:

Well I'm not very close to John Hopkins but I fit the bill, shame! And I'm very interested in the subject of sleep, lack of which is, in my opinion, a bona fide inflammatory arthritis symptom even leaving pain out of the equation.

They're primarily targeting those with OA of the knee (which I do have, unless somebody couldn't recognise erosions). Do you think they're investigating whether insomnia can be due to disease processes i.e. the body chemistry?

I'm not old's too bad, the study looks pretty nifty and it pays.

I just started having insomnia, I'm on day nine, but my arthritis is in my hip so I don't qualify. I'd love to know why I can't sleep all of a sudden. I've had insomnia in the past but not this long. I have an injection coming up next week and I hope that resolves it.