Caffeine....friend or foe?

So....I have gotten back in the bad habit of adding caffeine back into my has been very busy and the fatigue creeping it my imagination or does the caffeine make the PSA worse??

I have been under an enormous amount of stress this past week and could really tell that without the Humira I would never have made it through the week! Took my dose today and then had a 5 hour nap! Anyway.....just wondering if anyone else has seen a connection between caffeine and PSA.....?

I asked the doc. He said no. But I do wonder. Even the elimination diet.. I guess we don't know unless we experiment to see what causes the pain and inflammation

I seem to do ok with the caffeine..but wonder if it is actually causing inflammation

All I can offer is that I don’t drink coffee, tea, energy drinks etc and I have PsA. I find that being stressed out exacerbates my psoriasis lesions.
I see a hypno-therapist and meditate daily.

I don't think I consume large amounts of caffeine but I'm a daily black tea drinker and as long as I consume caffeine that way it doesn't seem to affect me. With coffee and cola it's a different story--and I know they have a lot more caffeine content.

I don't see a link between the caffeine and my disease. What I see is a correlation to being fatigued because of a flare or very active disease and the need to drink caffeine to power through at work because a nap isn't in the cards. If I'm taking steroids I always cut back on my caffeine intake after the morning and only consume caffeine free beverages after noon because the steroids make me crazy enough! After taking steroids for a very extended period I got rooted in this habit which seems like the norm to me now, and my disease still ebbs and flows without added assistance from caffeine!

Caffeine is the devil for me. I am a lifelong coffee drinker. I am sure that most of you have gone the route of eliminating unhealthy foods to help with your symptoms. Coffee was my last 'treat'. Well it turns out that even one cup of half caff can trigger a migraine for me, so now I do that dance when I am really exhausted and have my one cup and get as much done as possible before the migraine hits.

Different people act differently to caffeine. I use caffeine to treat migraines, so feel worse without it. A friend of mine has more pain with caffeine consumption. Reading what you posted, I’d guess it’s more a combination of stress, activity level, and over-caffeination thathe caffeine alone. t

For me it is actually caffeine withdrawl. I found this out the hard way. Once I havn’t had any for a few days I am detoxed. I am so sensitive to it that if I cheat and have some, as soon as it wears off the migraine hits. I only found this out for sure after going cold turkey last summer. Such a disappointment.

I use caffeine in the form of strong Irish tea. I actually drink a cup or two more on days that I am fatigued. For me, it seems more of an aid than a hindrance. I do not notice any direct correlation with my PsA symptoms. If I over do it and am not able to sleep, then the lack of rest seems to be the issue. My friend just bought a new espresso machine. They roast their own beans. I am invited to a dinner next week. So I guess I will get to test whether coffee is an issue or not. I think, like all things, we all react differently. For me, in moderation, I find it helps.

I drink coffee by the pot. Love it. Doesn’t make a bit of difference if I reduce or stop consumption, so I figure I may as well enjoy it :slight_smile: