Brian's Introduction. New guy here

Hi all,

My name is Brian. I am 39 an reside in NE,Ohio. I have a beautiful wife and two children, my children are 6 & 9 years of age. We are moving from OH to AZ within the next few months, I hope the climate helps my PSA. Plus medical THC is legal in AZ and maybe this will be a breakthrough pain management medicine for me when I get there.

I was diagnosed with PSA just 6 months ago. I now know what as been wrong with me for so long, atleast I know now.

It has been a rough time. Much damage has already been done and I am on Humaria injections.

I am trying to keep my career of 10 years and manage life with this condition.

It is a big relief to know this forum is here.

Thank you all for the warm welcome.



You are so welcome.... we need all the support we can get.. and we are the only one that understand fully..

Take care,


Welcome to the group Brian! It sounds like you're being treated aggressively. That's good. It will help to slow progression of the disease.

I'm in New York, and am keeping an eye out on the whole medical marijuana situation here. Not sure how much of a rush I'm in. More just want to have a legal option there.

Welcome Brian! I found this site recently as well and it has been a "God Send"! Everyone here has been great with encouragement and advice....hope your move goes smoothly!

welcome brian this is truly a wonderful sight I 2 am so happy I found it

Welcome Brian! I love AZ. What part will you be going to?

Welcome Brian. I am new here myself and newly diagnosed. I'm in 'sunny Australia" The group have been a great help to me and I am glad you found us. What everyone else said, you are amongst people who understand.

Welcome,this site is a wealth of information & everyone can relate.

We will live N of Phoenix in Deer Valley. We have family that all live in Paradise Valley right by the golf resort there, so we will be close to family. I can't wait. Wish we were leaving like now. This Cleveland winter is kicking my butt.

Chery(CLR) said:

Welcome Brian! I love AZ. What part will you be going to?

Welcome Brian ! This is a great supportive group and full of ideas and suggestions to help make your life better. Hope you visit here often and share your ideas.


You are lucky you were diagnosed and put on Humira and have some relief. Welcome to the group.

I hope Arizona's beautiful climate helps your psoriatic arthritis!! That would be great, and some of that anti-inflammatory cactus juice!

Ah, cactus juice. I will try that. Also the medical THC may be a big breakthrough. According to my physician (not my RA specialist) the new form of meds in AZ & the AZ heat will help. It was even suggested that I could try stopping my Humaria injections when I get there and see what happens.

In regards to the lister who disliked AZ and moved back to WA, I think it depends WHERE in Arizona. The Phoenix area for example has a lovely climate without the humidity. We have family there and it does get hot, but even in Summer it's not humid. Whenever we visit them, I feel better the entire time I'm there.

Welcome Brian ! I hope the Humira and warmer weather in AZ ease your symptoms.

Brian, welcome! I understand the whole moving-to-a-warm-climate thing. Unfortunately, I did exactly the opposite. Moved from Deep South Texas (about 4 miles from the U.S./Mexico border) to Oklahoma City. The cold is NOT our friend! I'm so glad you have started treatment with Humira. I'm sure you will find many people on this site with loads of experience to help you out. I know I have! Keep in mind that many folks use a variety of different kinds of medications to halt the destruction of their joints, so stay positive, and stay warm!

As to medical marijuana...I only wish they would legalize it here in OK. I would much prefer to use it than to continue taking the narcotics for pain. But since I have kids (teenagers), I won't use it until it does become legal - I do not want my kids to witness their mom breaking the law and using an illicit substance - even if it does have a lot of promise for pain management.

I know many people who are still working every single day while dealing with the effects of PsA. I was one of the unfortunate ones whose job was part of the problem. High stress added to really long hours and a lot of physical challenges that I just wasn't up to meeting anymore. I've been out of work for 16 months, and find it really difficult some days to stay positive. Part of my own self identity was tied up in my job, so I've struggled to redefine who I am in my own head so that I don't spiral downwards. Keep working as long as you can. Hopefully your employer is willing to work within your limitations and to make allowances for days when the PsA is kicking you in the behind.

North of Phoenix will be wonderful weather. The great thing about AZ is that within an hour or two you can travel to a different climate (& time zone)!

Hi Brian: Good luck in your journey.

I think you will find that Medical Marijuana will work for you, you'll just have to find out which way of delivery you want. Medibles work mainly on the body and are my particular Godsend where vaporizing or smoking helps to un nerve ya I have also mastered tinctures that take only a few drops under the tongue to relieve my pain wa la. Michigan is legal and I have been my own caretaker for 5 years now. It was essential for me as I suffer from several painful diseases besides arthritis and neuropathy. Good Luck with your move. I hope you get to feeling better very soon. Feel free to hit me up for recipes or whatever.

PeacenLove~Always~Laurel aka onemorething