Big salute to Eeevcb from Washington


Hello and welcome to Living With PsA! Your profile bio doesn’t reveal much, but the fact that you’re in school means we’ve got at least one thing in common haha! What are you studying? And I hope that your left hand isn’t your writing hand - otherwise I could imagine things being very frustrating.

Back to the topic of our wonderful community…I encourage you to start reading and contributing to discussions around here. You’ll find that our members are a very positive bunch and always eager to share experiences with newcomers. You might also want to try out the Search Icon (top right corner of white bar) if there was a particular topic of interest that you had in mind.

Apart from that, I hope you have a great time here - so always feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or concerns!

Hi @Eisi_BFintern,

Thank you for the warm greeting. I’m still working on by Bio, someday I will have it finished! I am studying Software Engineering, I am an junior.

Thankfully my left hand is not my writing hand. I look forward to exploring more of the community and reading about other peoples stories. So far, I am very thankful I’ve had the continued support from communities like this, my family, and medical team. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to doing any of things I enjoyed doing before my PsA became an issue.