Apparently, I should be doing nothing

I haven't been on in a while because I ended up having a laminectomy in October for a severely herniated disc. I was excited after the surgery that overall, I was feeling great. I was even questioning my PsA diagnosis. Then, at the end of January, I got permission from the neurosurgeon to go back to all my regular activities. I started working out again, started yard work, and began cleaning the house. Of course, I built up and am just now in the last week 100% back to my normal activity.

Unfortunately, I now feel like crap. Everything hurts. I swept and mopped he kitchen today and now my hands and fingers are killing me. This is ridiculous! I don't want I to spend my life laying around, but apparently, my body is telling me that is what it needs. I was really bored in the 3 months I was banned from activity. I have enjoyed being active again, but I certainly didn't miss this pain.

Vent over.

Miz Que

Miz Que,

I am glad that your surgery went well and that you enjoyed some of your postop days.

Sorry to hear that your PsA flared. Maybe it is worth talking to your rheumy about trying some new meds.

I wish you more flare free days. Hang in there!

So sorry to hear the pain is back, Miz Que. That must be difficult to deal with after pain-free living for a while. Are you on any PsA meds at this point in time?

I am currently not on any meds. I was due to begin methotrexate in August, but my blood pressure was too high from the anti inflammatories we had been trying all summer. I was prescribed blood pressure meds and was to being methotrexate in October. Then, I ended up having this non planned laminectomy 2 weeks before my rheumy appointment. My rhuemy didn't want to start me on it until I was healed from my surgery. Then, when I went back to her in January, I was feeling so well, that we decided to wait.

I mostly suffer from tendonitis pretty much everywhere. My back pain is minimal compared to the rest of my body. Most of my pain is hip, feet, wrist, and knees. I don't understand why I was feeling so well between Oct and the beginning of February when I wasn't doing much in the way of activity. In general, I feel better when I move. Having such extreme pain from sweeping and mopping for 20 minutes really upset me. I should be able to clean up a few things without such repercussions.

I definitely need to make an earlier appointment with m rheumy since I am not scheduled to see her until July. I guess I am just mad and I don't understand this apparent reprieve of symptoms for 4 months.

Miz Que

I hope the decision to wait was yours and not your docs. You are paying a steep price for it. The disease doesn't go away because the symptoms go away. It only meanss the treatment was working. If the doc was involved, he needs his ass kicked hard. He should know better.

A laminectomy involves steroids, massive IV NSAIDS, injectable NSAIDs (torodol) pain meds mixed with NSAIDs, of course you were feeling better