Anyone else have days when they feel they were misdiagnosed?

I was diagnosed in April of 2012. I had never had psoriasis, just joint problems for about 4 yrs. I lost my job in Dec. of 2012 from missing too much work. I have been in a depression type fog for the last year. During this time my joint pain has gotten considerably better…only fatigue which could be attributed to depression. Recently, my joint pain has returned - mainly in my hands and occasionally my hip (Spondylitis). The main problem I am having is constant itching in my hands and afterwards the joint that was itching is swollen and inflamed. I also have had horrible stomach problems prior to joint problems returning. My family does not understand and now I am beginning to wonder if this is typical with PsA. I have not been to Dr. for this since I have no insurance. I dud go to primary doc for physical and paid out of pocket…just not my Rheumatologist since his visits are 300.00 +. I guess my main question is does anyone else doubt their diagnosis since symptoms come and go?

Welcome, AmyBeez! I think as you read this board, you’ll realize that a lot of us wonder about being misdiagnosed! And, as you say, it’s often because the symptoms come and go. Often, symptoms seem unrelated (brain fog / depression and joint pain), but are, in fact all part of the PsA picture. Yes, it’s a difficult disease. I’m so sorry that money is standing between you and effective treatment. Good luck with this!

Thank you Seenie!

Has anyone else had stomach issues related to PsA?

Side effects from meds are common, including stomach issues. Otherwise I'm not familiar with stomach problems. Just out of curiosity, have you been checked for celiac? My impression is that this can cause stomach issues, skin issues (dermatitis herpetiformis) and joint pain as well.

It's not uncommon for there to be misdiagnoses and multiple diagnoses. I wish you luck with this.

Thanks Stoney! I have considered Celiac or Gallbladder. I did not know that Celiac disease could cause joint problems. Thank you so much for the information!

If you can't afford the fees for a Rheumy. Can you see one at an outpatients clinic at a major hospital? Not sure how other parts of the world work. I am from the land down under and hospital outpatients are free in Australia but there are long waiting lists. I would imagine that a hospital should be less expensive than paying for a private visit to a Specialist.

If that works for you, you might consider seeing a Dermatologist at a hospital outpatients clinic for your hands as well to confirm if it is Psoriasis on your hands. There are several types of Psoriasis and there is a specific one which is on hands.

From my experience and what I have read it is usually the opposite. Rhuemy doctors are very reluctant to diagnose someone with PSA unless they believe that is what it is. You may be the exception to this though. If you have Psoriasis you have a 1 in four chance of developing PSA. Diagnoses is not easy and there are no specific tests which makes it difficult to diagnose. A Rhuemy will look at your blood tests the ESR and the CRP and one of those blood tests a Rheumy will order and they only do this once is to see if you have a specific gene and if you carry that particular gene it relates to PSA causing your Spondylitis. Someone else may be able to describe this a little better than me and tell you more about this gene and the name of the blood test. I think the test is HLA28

Some meds can affect your stomach especially NSAIDS. Other meds can cause nausea. Other meds can cause diahhorea.

It took me a long time to get a proper diagnoses. I was told it was OA and Polyarthralga, Bursitis, Tendonitis. When it all felt the same. I got sausage toes and that is only related to PSA which proved I do have PSA.

When I was younger, I had aching joints and inflammation that would stay for months and disappear and then return again. I had not been diagnosed then, but I do believe it was PSA..

The Spondylitis and Hip pain is fairly common for people with PSA and so is the fatigue and swelling and inflammation.

Some say it is not important that you get a diagnoses as the treatment for joint pain is similar. I personally would want to know because not knowing is worse and being uncertain is not a good place to be. Once you do know for sure at least you can learn as much as you can and understand what is happening to your body.

There is always the possibility that you could get two entirely different opinions if you get a second opinion, then you would possibly have to get another opinion to get two out of three. I would certainly ask how they came to make the diagnoses and what did they based it on. I would want to feel convinced about a diagnoses.

Hope I have helped in some small way.

No....I have many different "flares" in various areas. Some last a short time and my achilles tendonitis lasted 3 years. They seem to run their course...and dwindle down and are replaced by a new inflammation...eyes, top of foot, hips, shoulders. Thought the back and neck are constant. So I never questioned whether I have PsA or not....but seem to discover something "new" about it all the time.....