Anxiety/antidepressant medications & flare ups

I have always had anxiety issues and was on antidepressants when I was younger, prior to getting diagnosed with psoriasis and psa. After getting these things and being a very stressed out college student I feel that I need to get back on a medication similar in order to help keep my mood stable and be healthy. I have been stressing out so much recently that my psoriasis that hasn't been visible for over a year has attacked more than I have ever seen it and my arthritis is just as bad, despite my humira and multiple vitamins. Has anyone found that any of these medications made their arthritis or p worsen with taking antidepressants? That is my only concern with taking them again. Thanks

I've been taking an SSRI (several different ones) over the past 15 years, and I've seen no effect on my P or PsA.

Depression goes hand in hand with this disease, many need some medication to help. I consider my SSRI as essential as any of my other meds, perhaps even more so, because when I keep my depression / anxiety under control, I do much better managing my disease and health issues.

I also take an SSRI ( anti-depressant type) since before my PsA was diagnosed but looking back I had PsA first. It helps immensely and I have been on it 18 years now. During menopause my doctor added Trazodone at bedtime and it also helps. I was not sleeping well but do not want to take sleeping pills. It really helps. I also take 5 mg of Flexeril at bedtime for muscle and tendon tightness which makes it hard to relax. I, like Marietta, consider them part of my arsenal against PsA. There have been studies that the biologics (the anti TNF ones) help with TNF which may cause some depression in some patients. When my PsA has been under good control with Enbrel or Remicade I was aware of a lifting of my mood along with a lifting of the pain, fatigue and brain fog. But the benefit I have received has not been enough for me to even think about stopping my SSRIs. One reason I think is I still notice some fatigue and sadness although it is improved. The other reason I do not think about stopping is if my TNF stops working I can't imagine dealing with it on top of escalating PsA symptoms. And like biologics SSRIs take quite a while to begin working. It would be hell on earth to have to wait for both SSRI and biologic to work for 3 months or more. I also take D3 and a multi vit (over 50 formula!) everyday as they seem to help. When I was young I took pregnancy multi vit as the additional B vits and iron seemed to help. Good luck with this. I know you will find the right "formula" for you.

Sorry I haven't noticed any issues but have only been on them a short time. I take one every day and it has helped a lot with my moods which have been bad since my PsA got worse early this year. If you think there's a link it's definitely noteworthy to see what's going on and confirm. Everyone's body reacts different.