The “oh you look so good disease” if I had a black sharpie and drew a line on the the joints that hurt I would look like a Zebra. My personality is positive and out going. My job brings me across hundreds of ppl a day that I must be inter-active with and I normally try to do it friendly and positive, so quite often co-workers and management don’t understand how I feel on the inside.
Menopause is setting in, I believe, I’m not sure if that’s the reason for this last flair up but my finger tips are burning as I hit the key board and I’m walking on the sides of my feet. My house is to dirty I don’t want my grandson to come over and play, I can’t bear the pain to clean it. I’m heading to the rhuemmy tomorrow. I’m sure a steroid pack will help kick it. I have a Gyno appt later this month to discuss what can be done. Well, I just invited my son for dinner, I told him I will let him cook! One look at the house and he understands, it’s hard to sit still when someone else is vacuuming your house.

Zebras are exotic and beautiful animals. Chin up, Bratt!

Bratt, Don't I know it. I even have trouble letting my husband vacuum without "helping" him. He would say I just get in the way, lifting the edge of a rug, moving a chair! And it is half his dirt! I consider myself a bit of a feminist or maybe a humanist would be a better name. But It is so hard to sit by while someone else cleans or cooks. It has always been my "hobby" and my husband's have always been the outside chores. We just like it that way but we are learning the new normal. It is hard. I like Zebras too but I fear I am more of an old grey mare!

When I'm having to use a brace, someone will always ask what happened. So I tell them, and that "Oh no. It's not JUST my wrist." And then I proceed to list . . . . Feet, ankles, a few toes, maybe hips and shoulders, and maybe an elbow. Add on top of that fatigue, eyes, etc. I rarely do it, but when I do, it's pretty entertaining to see the looks. Most people who know me know that it's my arthritis, and won't ask what happened. The answer is LIFE.

LOL, Stoney, I love it! I also love when people ask “What did you do?” when they see my crutches. My answer is often “It’s not what I did. It’s what IT did to me. I have autoimmune psoriatic arthropathy and it has destroyed my hip.” Great reaction from that one!
Michael … an old grey mare!!! Me too. And I ain’t what I used to be. :wink:

I can't believe you know the song Seenie! We really are grey mares aren't we!