You gotta love it

My granddaughters seizures are increasing so they ordered an MRI. I called for results and was told it was an abnormal MRI, so they would have to discuss the results with me. So I did what any normal person would do I "hacked" the system.....

Here's the results (partial) :

"paranasal sinus mucosal thickening with partial opacity"

Three grand a panic and the abnormal MRI confirms she has a cold. Ninnies.

Oh Lamb you are too much and make me laugh. Yes I too would hack the system! I read this MRI as chronic sinusitis. Flonase or Nasonex will fix her right up. I am so glad it is not something more serious!

I have a doc friend who says "What’s the definition of a normal person?"
Answer: Someone who hasn’t had enough tests yet…
There’s nothing like Lamb’s spin on the world!

Sorry for the $3K in tests but glad it’s just a sinus infection!

Gotta love ‘abnormal results’. What exactly is normal? Why does the medical community have to cloak information in confusion? Glad it is nothing worse but does that explain the increase in seizure activity? I know stress can increase seizures, just wondering.

No I wish it did.

We made a change in her BC! and was hoping that wss it but the lamotragine levels were fine. There has been some regression in a number of areas, so about all that is left is metabolic stuff. We met with genetisist yesterday who was on rotation from Seattle childrens. I was ressonably certain she would need a transfusion when they got done drawing blood. Hopefully they will get it figured out before we have to take her to Mayo. Its such a hassel to travel with her, not to mention having to get some temp care takers as I hate to pull the girls out of class even though their contracts allow it.