Just one very beautiful song I'd like to share, open it if you fancy, and have it playing when you read through the blog.


There must be a reason why I've got this condition.

Having recently "cleaned up" my diet, and always, within reason, been pretty physically active, I'm going to use this blog as a tool to share my reflections on trying to find the root(s) of the problem.

Why is my immune system playing up?

a) Because it hates you and wants to kill you.

b) Because it simply just doesn't recognise you (perhaps no longer, because of what you've become), takes you for "an enemy".

c) Because of a conflict between "essence" & "false" personality. Essence using the immune system to make you aware that how you do things, your attitudes etc, are not in harmony with your true self.

Is it just cruel fate?

If you don't try and understand it, you'll never know.

Is my unconscious trying to tell me something? if so what?

Maybe a clash between essence & false personality.

Maybe a way of telling you that your "negative" mind set and thinking are a danger to yourself.

Maybe something in your environment that is causing your system distress, (toxic relationships, work situation or colleagues that are completely inappropriate, allergies etc).

Maybe a call for help.

Is my belief that I can change things through belief, attitude and "psychological" techniques a valid one?

Until you try and make the effort to "go within" (perhaps with counselling/ psychological/alternative therapist's assistance) and try to glean the necessary insights into your nature, and the nature of your condition, you may never know.

Just the beginning, but I'm determined to find answers to the above questions, and any others that should crop up and which I'll share here, as I embark on this voyage of self discovery.