Why don’t they listen and provide more info?

Since being diagnosed 8 years ago every visit I have told my provider I have horrible pain not in the hip joint but where muscles and ligaments attach. This week the NP heard me. She explained there are bursa sacks in these areas and Psa can can pain and inflammation there. So I got cortisone infections both sides. So finally at least temporarily my hip pain is gone! I guess when report specific pain I need to amend my sentence to include besides pain meds what else can you do for me? It’s still so frustrating.

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I had this - it’s awful the steroid shot worked but not until on the second attempt.

I’m glad you finally got relief! I’ve never had the pain you described and now I’ll know what to ask for if I do. Thanks for posting your experience.

8 years??!! That’s an awful long time!

I’ve had hip bursitis too. Can’t remember where or when, but I’ve seen / heard / been told that bursitis is more likely when walking awkwardly, which of course often happens with PsA. What would be really great would be if a period of pain reduction eases you up enough to banish the bursitis …

Me too. I hope the relief you feel lasts. My pain has been gone enough for 2 months now so I can enjoy walking again. It’s so frustrating when you feel you are not listened too but guess we just have to keep shouting.

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Listening sometimes seems to be one of those premium accessories that’s not often availed of by the medical profession :neutral_face:

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