Where there's a Will

I had 6 hip replacements and revisions within a two year span of time. The upshot is that I canNOT reach my feet to put on socks and shoes (I use a long handled shoe horn and a sock aide.) So needless to say my feet were literally shiriveling up for lack of attention.. The ideal thing is to have a pedicure once a month....but I can't afford it....In the summer I treat myself once or twice Anyway...my calves were extremely dry as were my feet. I saw the cream application tools in catalogs but wasn't thrilled wiht them and they use a tremendous amount of cream wiht a lot of waste. So I bought a bath scrunchy on a stick....it has a molded ver y nice handle. I then took a zip lock bag (a quart sized one) and put it on the end wiht the scrunchie. Then I sealed the bag and finally kept it tightly shut wiht a rubber band. I squirt some lotion on the baggie and rub it into my legs and feet. Every drop of the lotion gets used.

Just some advice...I hope it helps someone.

Genius! Thanks for sharing the tip!

Awesome, Cynthia! :slight_smile: