When backwards is forward

posted from my blog: Lessons in the Higher Education of Life

A haircut. Once, a task shuffled in between a load of multi-tasks, was today THE task of the day. Not because it was a long luxurious spa day filled with wonderful self indulgence; no shampoo, no special treatments, a simple cutting and drying of the hair. I got there, traversed a parking lot, and sat in the chair long enough for the wonderfully patient and capable Kelly to shape my hair into an easy to manage do. I made it home after stopping for a couple of items at the $ Store. Two simple things that used to be quick parts of a day have now become the full days activities. But I DID IT!! and all by myself!

In my ever evolving relationship with PsA, I've learned to appreciate the simple accomplishments of each day. Every day can be a step backward when you live with PsA. Today, I took my step backward forward!