What is the nicest thing anyone has done to you?

What is the nicest thing anyone has done to you?

It could be just recently or a long way back, and has made such an impact that you won't forget it.

I'm sure everyone would be happy to hear.

Nice things happen everyday, that is when I am able to walk. It is incredible how people just pull up next to me and my struggling legs, and ask, "Can I give you a ride home, I see how hard it is for you," I thank them very much, and say, " I need the exercise." This happens everyday I go out, sometime 2,3,4 times before I get home. Heck it only takes 2.5

hrs to walk 9 blocks, LOL.

One thing that comes to mind is when friend, who knew I was struggling, called and asked if I needed anything from the grocery store. She showed up a couple hours later with the milk, eggs, and apples I'd requested, along with more fruit, peanut butter, hummus, a meal I could throw in the oven to reheat for dinner, and some treats for the kids and I. She took my kids (I have five) outside to play while I took a nap, and then stayed and chatted with me for a little while. It was wonderful.

Yeah, you are lucky to have friends. All my supposed friends never call never ask to help, not they have too. But, when I see them on facebook, they always say oh, we need to get together. Alas every day I suggest they are working or busy.

Oh Gosh. There are tons. One of My girlfriends just took my son and I with them (her and her son) a trip to the ocean for 3 days. She drove and everything and she insisted I have the master bedroom cause I sleep late and not so well. That was super nice. They have condos. One of my other girlfriend always comes over to visit and brings a roasted chicken and gluten free goodies and veggies. And another girlfriend (she has RA) just bought a two woman kayak and said I should come with her sometime. She is getting better with her health. I am so happy about that. My friends and family do wonderful things for me all the time. I am grateful.

The nicest things my friends do for me is to understand how PsA affects me, which is hard to do when you don't have it. So if I cancel on them, if I am not well enought to attend whatever it is, they do not hold it against me. That my friends is special in my book