What do I ask?

Ok, now that I have a diagnosis, the doctor sent me home to research the disease, make a list of questions and to look into methotrexate. I have done the research even though it is a little overwhelming. I am still unsure of what to ask when I go back. I suppose my main concern is if there are any tests I should ask to be done at this point in my journey? I have had a ton of blood work and a chest x-ray done. Do I ask for x-rays or MRI as I believe that I have spondylitis........How important is it to have a "marker" to see the progression of the disease? Unfortunately, like many of you I have had many bad experiences with Dr's doing the bare minimum and dismissing me that now I want to make sure I do everything I can to help myself. While researching this disease and treatment I have not come across anything that tells you what sort of tests should be done just they can be done... Anyone have any suggestions

I emailed my doctor with loads of random questions. I mainly focused on the serious side effects and long term consideration of medication and the disease. You’ll probably need multiple X-rays and an MRI if its needed. I would definitely ask for spinal images to confirm if anything is going on with your spine. I’ve had a bunch of X-rays and on occasion need a repeated one to confirm that nothing is worse or broken. If a specific joint hurts then it can’t hurt to get it checked out through X-ray. Good luck with the future appt!!