Well, I did it

After discussions on this board about business cards, and thinking about it for a while, I decided I'd post on Facebook. I wonder what the reaction will be.

First, pro golfer Phil Mickelson. Now me. No, I haven't turned pro ... I'm suffering from the same kind of inflammatory arthritis as Phil, and it's eroding the joints and the bones in the middle of my feet. Walking and standing hurts a lot and I tire really easily. So far, the medications which my rheumatologist has prescribed haven't stopped the pain or the damage. These days, I'm travelling with a wheelchair, which isn't really my style, but at least it gives me a bit of an upper-body workout!

Well done!

LOL, I needn't have thought so long and hard about doing this! Out of my 127 friends, I've received only 3 comments so far ... it'll be interesting to see who else takes notice


That's an awesome post! :)