Weight Gain and Remincaide?

Hello everyone. This is my first time on this blog and I am so happy that there are people out there that know what PsA is and I don't have to expain it all. I have a question for Remincaide infusion users. Do you notice you cannot lose weight? I have been on Remincaide for 2 years and get the infusion every 8 weeks. I have been on a very strict exercise/weight loss program for about 16 months now. I thought if I'm going on an infusion, I will not let this take me down. Well, I am so wrong. This medication has brought me out of pain completely and I am so thankful for that. But do I have to live with the weight that was brought on with Predisone, Cortisone, etc...??? Is there any hope for me? Someone once told me that a Cortisone will stay in some peoples system for over a year or two? I can't find any medical information to support that claim? If that is true I am doomed for failure. My luck got even worse on the day my Infusion Nurse rushed my infusion and I developed a anaphaylatic reaction. It was ugly and now I get Solucortef and Bendadryl before each infusion. It was my fault that she rushed it, I had to go back to work and asked her to hurry it up. What a dummy I was...almost killed me. Anyway, I have heard that maybe I can go to a antihistimine po and a bendadryl po before I go and it might do the same? I also stopped trying to do anything the day of my infusion. Just to chill and not to rush my nurse is what I learned the hard way. It takes 4 hours but I'm better. I really want to not let this disease take over my life. I am sure all of us do but this is so hard becasue no one in my family understands or even knows the pain that I am in at times. I try to keep it all inside but some days I really just want to stay in bed, eat a whole pizza and never exercise again....Am I wrong?