Waiting for any diagnosis.... Could chemo & radiation change the presentation of PsA?

My friend went through thyroid cancer/removal followed by chemo/radiation. About 6 months later her nails began changing, cracking, discoloration & lifting from nail bed. She also began experiencing the joint pain, etc that we all describe. Also a rash that looks like Edina in her hands. It’s been since Sept and several different doc visits rheumy, & specialist who at leas narrowed it to possibly PsA, rheumatoid, and/or nail fungus. & she is still waiting for a diagnosis. Wondering if her treatments could have altered her disease so it doesn’t present as specifically or if med teams r passing the buck?

Any ideas or experiences?

Rash looks like exima

It’s interesting, but I’m sorry your friend is experiencing this after all that she has been though. PsA is an odd one, in that it often requires the input of a derm as well as a rheum. At this stage I wouldn’t think the docs are passing the buck. It sounds as if they are very much leaning towards an inflammatory arthritis.

Many people here got their first full blown flare after some kind of trauma, which cancer treatment certainly is.

Your friend is lucky to have you at her side, MamaO!

Seronegative arthritis is a bugger to diagnose, as Seenie said sometimes a trauma may set things off and balancing the thyroid meds can often complicate treatment but all of that really doesn't effect the diagnoses or presentation.

There are other issues of course that sort of put any arthritis treatment/diagnoses to the side. Recovery from loss of the thyroid is a huge issue. Once all of that is accomplished the rest gets easier..............