Ups and Downs

It's been a long time. Almost a year since I last posted an entry here.

In that time, I've started to adjust my surroundings to make my "new normal" (as my hubby calls it) easier to live with. We've bought a latex mattress set that is MUCH easier on my tender joints than the old spring coil mattress set was. Hubby has taken on many more household duties, since I often come home from teaching all day and sleep for an hour or two before dinner. This week, we bought a new car for me to drive. Nothing fancy, but the seats are more comfortable and adjustable, and it's a little bit lower so it's easier to get in and out. All in all, I'm getting along ok, but I miss the old me sometimes. Bad days are really bad, but good days are appreciated more than ever before.

The Humira is still working really well for me. I found out just how well recently when I had to skip it for a while. We went on a family trip to the Gulf of Mexico at the end of July. A few days later, I developed an abscess on my heel. Doc said it was probably bacteria in the Gulf water that caused it. (I have psoriasis on my heels, which is probably how it got in.) The darn thing eventually covered my entire heel area and had me on crutches for a few days. So obviously, I didn't take the Humira during all that, until I had finished both rounds of antibiotics. By that time, I was in a full-blown flare. Once I finally was able to resume my Humira, I was to the point of tears nearly every day for a little while there. It's just this week starting to settle down again. So yeah, confirmation that Humira is keeping me moving around. Speaking of that, it's time for my shot.*

*New normal kind of sucks still.*

Hi Papillon, I've been in this group since March, and it's always nice to hear from people who are doing well on a biologic. Well, yeah, there are the ups and downs, but for me too, I'm thankful for the biologic and that it makes me feel much better.
I worry, too, about what it will be like if/when I have to stop Enbrel to fight off an illness. This new normal does suck, but we're sort of at the mercy of whatever our bodies or life has in store for us--a lot of the time we don't have much say in the matter! I'm finding that out more and more as time passes. Keep smiling!

Congratulations, Papillon, on your progress and on surviving the start of the school year. And thanks for the positive and encouraging report, even though you had a bit of a rough go for a while. We need to hear the survival stories around here!
Good luck with the rest of the school year – it sounds as if you are learning to cope with your “new normal”. Even if still kind of sucks.