Update after appointment

Ok. So here’s my update: Yesterday, I went to see my Dr. My appointment was at 2PM, I didn’t get out until after 4PM. So, after taking my vitals the Dr. became concerned about my blood pressure, which was 168/105, apparently this is considered “very high” After they took it several times the lowest it ever got was 154/102. The Dr. thinks it is high because of the inflammation and plus the pain. So...
he decided to be on the safe side and start me on Lisinopril. So I was not thrilled about adding in another med, but ok. He also stated that the inflammation in my hands and spine are still quite high I am to continue with the Tramadol and Flexeril for the pain and muscle spasms. He upped my Methotrexate from 15mgs to 25mgs. I am a bit concerned, because this is the Chemo med that knocks me on my ass around day 2 after I take it. He did add in Leucovorin which is taken 48 hours after Methotrexate and is supposed to help “rescue” my good cells from the drug. He also started me on liquid Iron to help my body produce more red blood cells. I have to take it on days 3,4, and 5 after Methotrexate. It amazes me that I am now on 12 prescriptions and 2 over the counter meds, most of which are used to “counteract” the side effects of one medication! I am also attempting to give myself the shot today. I have been having a friend do it, but she is not available today. I just hope that I am not going to experience major side effects anymore than I already have. I can continue to taper the Prednisone next Monday to 15mgs, but if I have a major flare-up he stated he will have to put me back on 60mgs. I really wanna get off of the Prednisone. I have been on it since the end of August. I don't know how I am going to remember all these meds. Some have to be taken on certain days, Some have to be taken two hours before or after other meds. Just a little stressed and overwhelmed right now!

It sounds like a biologic would be the next logical step, or have you not responded to any of them yet?

I am just waiting on approval for a program here at school to help cover the cost of Enbrel. I have the RX just not the $$ for it. Dr is trying to push paper work through, but said it can be 4-6 weeks before we know anything. I did just give myself the shot. My first time giving to myself.. took about 10 minutes for me to actually do it lol. It wasn't too bad. I hope the new dose isn't too bad either. I just hope the pain in my lower back goes away. This was the fist time my dr mentioned Spondylitis. Had me concered. I guess it all goes together with the PsA.

There is a spondylitis variant of PsA, so that's probably where that fits in.

Yay for giving yourself the shot!!!

As far as remembering meds - get a calendar that's JUST for meds. I used to have a fridge magnet calendar for that purpose. You can write down which meds on which days, and on days when you have to take one med and then another a couple hours later, set an alarm.

If there is a Publix Supermarket nearby, the Lisinopril is free there,