Well, I’ve had to go off my enbrel for awhile. I have candida on my tongue. Which is a yeast infection. I woke up one morning and my tongue hurt really bad, and I had a long white spot on my tongue. The whole back of my tongue was white as well. Has anyone else dealt with getting thrush from enbrel? I’ve been on anti fungal mess for a week now. One of the anti fungal mess is liquid that I swish around in my mouth 4 times a day and then swallow. Then he put me on a pill I took once a day for 3 days… I took the last pill yesterday and woke up this morning with my tongue not hurting. Hoping this is the end too the infection. I hope it doesn’t rebound on me… I just start feeling good and then get an infection… ugggh… I also woke up today with my lower back hurting and some other joints just from missing one shot… I hope I’m not the only one to get thrush in my mouth well being on enbrel… hope you are all doing well.

My daughter had thrush once and it went down her throat also. It was very irritating--so awful! I've never heard of that being a possible reaction or SE from Enbrel--I've heard of people getting thrush during or after taking antibiotics. But, ugh that medicine must be awful! A few years back, my husband and I had histoplasmosis--it's a fungus in the lungs. I had it first, and my doctor prescribed some oral pills (Sporanox) for quite awhile--I think 3 months. When my husband got it, he had to take liquid Sporanox for several months. He couldn't eat or drink anything for awhile after taking it--don't ask me why--that's how it was prescribed. It was bad, but histoplasmosis is nothing to fool around with. Good luck--I hope up you don't need to take the meds for too long!

I read that enbrel can cause fungal infections since it messes with our immune system. Thrush is a fungal infection. And yes the liquid meds are nasty…

Hi Ben, sorry you're suffering with this. Many years so now I had some kind of infection in my mouth that took ages to respond to treatment and in the end, even though the swabs came back negative for thrush, it was the Nystatin that helped it most. For anyone who hasn't had Nystatin, it's like swilling beaten eggs round your mouth .... colour, texture, YUCK!

It's candida that causes thrush. We all have it in/on our bodies but when our immune systems get out of whack is when it can become a problem, which is why it can develop when we're on antibiotics, DMARDS or biologics. It's not 'caused' by the medication it's just our bodies control of the candida is disrupted. Sugar is its best friend as are other yeasty things like beer, wine, malt extract, mushrooms .... so watch what you're eating and drinking. If you look candidiasis up on reliable sites like webmd you'll get some self-help stuff too.

Good luck, it will go. Just keep taking the meds and if this proves to be your bodies 'weak' point see if there are any dietary changes you can make to help minimise it in your body generally.