Those "DUH" laugh at myself

Ok....I've had Psoriasis since I was 22 and was diagnosed with PSA in 2005. (I am 44 now) You would think after all this time I would notice a new area of psoriasis, or a psoriatic flare??

DUH moment #1...

About 6 months ago I kept noticing that my nostrils were always really, really dry.....uncomfortably the point where they would crack and bleed. I tried vaseline, saline, and even went to the Dr. who gave me some antiboiotic ointment.

Suddenly I had a "DUH"'s PSORIASIS!! In my nose!! UGH!

DUH moment #2......

I was out with friends and had been standing around a lot that evening. Known for my savvy way of being "ungraceful", I take one step and twist my knee. (friend laughs......I laugh).... I wake up the next morning and my knee is HUGE...swollen to the size of a cantalope (seriously) well, of course I think....."meniscus injury". Go to Dr. Have two MRIs....nothing is wrong except there is some inflammation and swelling. Ice it, stay off it, it will be fine.

and here we have the next "DUH" moment......."inflammation and swelling".....classic PSA.....think back Suzi....injury can cause a PSA flare in a joint....(insert forehead smack here......)

Note to self....."you could have saved a lot of money not having an MRI and all those other Dr. Appointments if you would have reviewed all the PSA/Psoriasis symptoms"

Guess I will add that to the list for the next Rheumy appointment.


LOL Suzanne, I am laughing with you on this. We all have our DUH moments and it is good to go back and laugh at ourselves. My daughter will sometimes say, well duh Mom, like I should have known all along. The scary side of this is I see alot of myself mirrored in my daughter's life. I am praying that I am wrong and she doesn't follow in these (PsA) footsteps.

Hi Alma!!

Well, I can tell you that out of 6 in my immediate family, 3 of us, including myself have psoriasis, but I am the only one that had to have prescription meds to manage it and I am the only one to develop hopefully your daughter will be the lucky one!!! :-)

Ah, the wonderful DUH moments. It's great to be able to laugh at them ...after the fact, anyway!

Um....Suzanne! The doc gave you an antibiotic ointment & didn't mention psoriasis? Now THERE's a DUUHHH moment! And you paid for that!

LOL, don't blame yourself ... and thanks for the good laugh. Yes of course, I can relate too!

Hi Suzanne... I have the same problem in my nostrils, and it seemed obvious to me after it kept coming back, that it is psoriasis. But I can't get any doctor to agree. They keep saying, oh no, usually psoriasis doesn't affect mucous membrane. However, none of them are dermatologists, and I bet the derms have experience with ps in nostrils.

The other thing I get is some infection in that area. Do you ever get a pustular thing there?


I have gotten an infection there which was how i ended up with the antibiotic ointment. At first i thought it was a fever blister (which i get in ny nose often), that just wouldn’t heal.

Thanks for the info Suzanne.