Things are Looking Good

I've been struggling to find something or combination that works for my pain. I took Celebrex for about 13 years and I stopped when I began treatment for PsA...well I have taken it every day for a week, and today I can move. I cleaned my house! I am also taking Enbrel and 10 mg of methotrexate. Things are looking good :-)

Glad to hear you are feeling well. I would suggest letting your doctor know that you have added this in.

My doctor knows. I have the Celebrex for acute shoulder and hip pain.

Great to hear! Celebrex has really helped me cope with pain over the years! I still use it occasionally. My last flare I was taking 200 twice a day. I saw my doctor the other day and asked if I could take it daily however I am on week 3 of 25mg of MTX and he would like me to see how I progress with the injections.