Thigh swollen--bigger scale than smaller joint swelling

Hey, today as I was watching a movie I pulled my legs up and noticed a very strange thing. I thought at first maybe it was the angle I was comparing one thigh to the other. It turns out that my whole thigh is significantly swollen/puffy. I had to get my wife to take a look to make sure and she verified that yes my right thigh is swollen. This is the first time for me that I have seen something of that scale. I mean swelling in my hands, wrists, and arms occur but I have never noticed an entire thigh including the knee swollen. Anyone else have experience with swelling to this degree?


I’d get to your doc Woodworm- just to rule out anything else, like a thrombosis or infection. Take care

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Thanks for replying. I was trying to gauge if such a type of swelling as this is psa related. I will call the doctor tomorrow and see if I can get in.


Hello Woodworm.

Could be cellulitis or something, hopefully easily sortable! Definitely needs attention though.

Good luck with doc tomorrow, let us know what they say.

Thanks, I did some comparing from yesterday pictures I took and the swelling is reduced. However, I did start prednisone today. I have that on stand by and add as needed. I hate to use it but I have noticed some swelling in my wrists/hands.

Glad it is reduced. But it shouldn’t be swollen at all … hope you’re not thinking of bypassing the doctor 'cos we’ve all got our eyes on you :wink:


Yep, Sybil is right. And taking prednisone makes it even more important to get to the doc and double-check, cause you know what effect predict is going to have if there were an infection

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Could it be a blood clot??? If it gets worse, I’d have that checked out. A DVT is very serious…you didn’t mention pain, though. I think there would be pain if it was a blood clot, but it seems unusual your thigh would swell up from PsA.

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Yea, that was the thing I was on edge about. Something was definitely amiss. I am following up with the doctor.

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