The wonders of Tumeric, a Doctor's discovery!,8599,1910028,00.html

Seems as though need to increase my dose!

BTW, always check with your Dr before adding this to your meds!


SK..I remember when this article came out, I have major back trouble. I went to GNC, and bought a bottle @$25 ...lots of money...I just went to my cupboard, i only took 2....afraid to take any....

I got 500mg .....Turmeric curcumin 95% Curcuminoids ..back of bottle says..consult with your doctor prior to using this...if your pregnant, take medicines, or have a medical condition

With my powerful meds, Remicade, mtx......wouldn't mess with it..i was Dumb to buy the bottle

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I'm really liking this site more and more each day... :) Lots of topics that make sense that can actually help. I used to take turmeric daily while I was trying to find out why I was experiencing all the pain and such. I stopped once I got the diagnosis and was put on all the meds. This subject has been on my mind because I would like to go back to taking the turmeric and back off some of the pain med. Because at least for me it did seem to help, at least a little. I was going to ask my rheumy at my next appointment.

Something that I could recommend though if you do consider to take supplements (other than checking with your doc first, of course) ........ make sure that you know how the supplement is made and where it comes from. Just because the outside of a container says it's natural doen't necessarily mean that it is. Only a SMALL amount of the product actually has to be natural in order for it to be considered natural. There are a lot of people taking what they believe to be a natural supplement but in reality it may be a synthetic supplement and they are not even aware because they believe the packaging. I guess just like everything else...."trust but verify"