The Challenge . © Dorothea Maria Blevins, October 12th, 2014

The Challenge…

I wake up with you,
and fall asleep with you.
You are my strongest weakness
and my greatest strength.

You are my mentor
and my worst enemy.
Until the day I die,
you´ll probably be a part of me.

You are the pain that follows me around,
whether I sit, walk or jump around.
Come along with me I´ll take you for a ride,
I´ll show you a world stronger that you could ever be.

The morning sun and humming birds,
Nothing like when a Robin sings.
Roses endure the heat oft he burning sun
and the storm that knocks them to the ground.

This Rose will bloom,
til a cure can be found.
I am rooted deeply into the ground.

© Dorothea Maria Blevins, October 12th, 2014