Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

The arteries in the groin off and on sharp pain

Off and on Sharp Pain in main arteries in groin checked no blood clots or blockages could it be PSA?

That’s an interesting question. So inflammation can impact any part of the body. But what makes you think that it’s pain in the arteries and not in ligaments or tendons in your groin? Especially tendons?

You had ultrasound to look for clots? You saw a vascular specialist to rule out inflammation /partial blockage etc? Obviously we always want to rule out the things that can kill us first. Sorry to sound morbid, but that’s the safe way to manage.


Hello @cmalanny!

My knowledge of the skeleton is very poor … I can just about identify my ribs. However, as women who have had babies may know all too well, there are joints in the groin area and they can hurt.

Back in 2013 you had a blockage in an artery didn’t you? Don’t think we’ve heard from you since then … hope things turned out very well for you. (And I guess this explains your emphasis here).


I practiced as a chiropractor for 30 years. PsA can affect the sacroiliac joints and pain in those joints is not uncommonly felt in the groin as referred pain. If your groin is normal on imaging, that would be a logical place to look…an orthopedist, PT, chiropractor, or your rheumatologist can examine your SIJs in person.


Could be the sacroiliac joint mine has been OK most of this year but when my inverse psoriasis plays up so does this joint


There are a bunch of ligaments and tendons down there. I have that pain occasionally and it will hurt from my hip to my groin.