Thanks to PsA

Hey everyone, I was wondering how many of you have accomplished things that you never would have without PsA. Believe it or not I’ve spent more time sitting in the past few years than I would have without PsA. I used a lot of the time doing my genealogy; I’ve traced dozens of lines back dozens of generations. For awhile it was an extremely obsessive distraction for me. Over the past year alone I’ve made contact with lots of distant cousins all over the world. It has been great fun and I’ve learned a lot. I had always been interested in it but never enough to actually do it. It’s just really cool when you can tell your grandmother things about her grandmother that she never knew. If I didn’t have PsA I never would have put the uncounted hours into it. Now I can’t imagine my life without it. It has truly been one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences of my life. So in a way I owe one of my greatest accomplishments to PsA. So, has anyone else accomplished something that they never would have gotten done if they had one of those boring “normal” lives?

Well yes, I was adopted,and when I was 28, I decided to search for medical informtion and background, but thankfully got so much more, I met my birthfamily! The day I looked into my own eyes (my mothers) was one of the most amazing days of my life. This happened in 1995 and we have been close ever since, I have two sisters (same mother) and she adopted 2 children later on in life, so I have a stepbrother and stepsister. I met my birthfather in 2009, and have two brothers on that side. It has all changed my life in so many wonderful ways. If it weren't for PsA, I don't know if I would have done the search, I always knew that something was missing, but when you get that call, and the lady tells you, your mother has been regestered for 13 years now and is waiting to meet you, it changes your life, your world, and who you are. I am blessed in many ways even with PsA!

Just about everything I've done in my life has been with PsA, only I didn't know it until last year. ;)

I do know what you mean, though. Since my downward spiral started last February, I've done things I wouldn't have if I hadn't gotten PsA. Since I need a lot more downtime during the day, I've started a blog - something I've wanted to do for a while, but that I never got around to. Writing is a great outlet for me. I've acquired two canes and a wheelchair, which have greatly improved my quality of life. I've met an awesome community of people here and recently became a moderator. I've found a balance in my life that I've never had before and have zeroed in on what is really important in life and let everything else go.

I have also done the geneology and found my Great Grandfathers family whom I never knew anything about and they are all very involved in geneology too and are currently writing a book on my family and have sent me photos and letters that are truly priceless to me now.

I have also use all of my sitting time to read more, and I have noticed that over the past several months I have spent alot more time sitting and talking with my kids.

I am glad that we are all finding positive and uplifting things to accomplish with our down time.