Taxes, Billing issues, and the general logistics of PsA = fried

So in preparing for doing my taxes I was pouring various medical bills only to discover multiple issues. In one case, my dermatologist failed to file a claim which has me having paid against my deductible only to not have that credited and having to again pay my deductible. One call and two faxes later they have filed the claim and it was processed ... a few weeks since I raised the issue, still no refund.

My dental bills are way out of whack. I had coincidentally request my dental records just before raising billing concerns with their office. They failed to process the record request for over 45 day. California law requires record copies be delivered within 15 days. I ended up have to send a certified demand letter to finally get the records. But 45 days an no explanation as to why the bills far exceed what I owe according to insurance statements. In sent a series of letters asking for an explanation. Finally, I had to just report it to the insurance company and ask that they intervene and clarify the matter. Suddenly I get a flurry of faxes and emails form the dentist trying to justify all the charges. But it turns out they and they had added 'unspecified' charges and had under credited payments by the insurer. Yet they insist I owe even more money.

After a couple more weeks, the insurance company instructs the dentist to pay a refund. I received a letter from the insurer to this effect. Sure enough, the dentist sent a check certified mail.

I breathed a sigh of relief figuring the matter was close.

But then they filed a new $1200 claim for work done just days ago. The trouble is, I haven't been to their office in months and the tooth in question had work years ago and was already billed processed and paid for. It seems their strategy now is simply to file a false claim. After a couple of months of going around with these folks and their deceptive billing I am just fried.

In the midst of this I had both upper body and lower body nerve conduction studies, a cervical MRI and other medical appointments. And I had to complete and file my income taxes. Seems I miscalculated my withholdings and ended up owing more than I expected. Turbo tax actually had me owing the state more too. Fortunately, when I ran the same numbers through the free state online tax filing software I found I was actually due a refund from the state.

I had imagined that by now I would be two week into a new aqua therapy regime and coasting into the easter weekend for a nice relaxing holiday.

Instead, I am just mentally exhausted and the lack of adequate rest has kicked up my symptoms to include a roaring cerviogenic headache that has me flat on my back but unable to sleep.

Hopefully I can get the headache to subside and get some rest.

Well, no more headache. The stress of various financial issues triggered a flare. But I am back on a better footing now.

Leaves me to wonder, how many people experience flares at tax time? Obviously I did.

I think that we all will have earned a PhD in medical billing once we pop this mortal coil. The amount of paperwork, doctors, pharmacies, medicines and clinicians it takes to keep this show on the road is staggering and I truly don't understand half the paperwork I see. This year my partner's accountant filed our taxes and I was so incredibly relieved to not have to handle yet another set of paperwork.

This year is the first time in over a decade that I actually got my taxes filed before October 15th.