Swelling muscles upon use

I may be the only one but a weird symptom I have is muscle swelling upon repetitive use such as stirring a bowl of something. I notice this more with fine motor skills. I have not tried testing a more exhaustive test because frankly I have not felt up to it. Anyone else have swelling upon use for fine motor skills? Not to mention my fine motor skills has taken a huge dip since dealing with this disease. Anyone have muscle swelling upon repetitive use? Thanks all.

Is it muscle swelling or tendon swelling? I know that certainly when I am doing something that is repetitive with my hands I will certainly risk tendon inflammation. My most famous one of those is when I have to force feed a cat which means that I have to repeatedly use an oral syringe.

If you are having muscle swelling I would bring this up with the doctor immediately. That just does not sound like anything good is going on.

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Tendon swelling and/or diffuse swelling in a joint area on repetitive motions, here! :raising_hand_woman:
I find the more force required, the more marshmallow-y a few hours later, or the next day: Detail scrubbing something small when a brush won’t do; hand sewing with materials that are a bit thicker; sanding and threading 4mm bolts. Chopping hard veg (kabocha pumpkin) will do it, but cucumber isn’t enough force to do it, usually.

I agree with Stoney that if you think it is only the muscle swelling you should get in as soon as possible. My rheumatologist seemed confused why I asked if it was an issue to do things that made body parts swell later, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be your doctor’s opinion :smiley:

Aha, sorry I was unclear in what I was saying. Here is what I mean. You do something repetitive fine motor skill or exercise and you have swelling that is directly related to the activity you did. Another issue, skills such as fine motor skills are harder. You become a clutz handling a screw driver or another tool or skill you notice a decline in. Something you notice that has declined from physical skill set. I should have said relating to muscles or activity that causes swelling in joint muscle area that is tendon or whatever psa is swelling.

Hey groenlof, that is exactly what I mean. It is good to know this issue is something that affects others. Not good that they are affected…

Hi woodworm, oh do I remember those days! Before Enbrel saved my life, one of my biggest complaints was pain in my muscles (I thought). Plus, my muscles would get so weak—as you mentioned, from doing anything repetitive. I do have a problem with always elevated CPK enzymes, which indicates muscle damage, and that has been traced to statins. But, still, there was huge improvement once I started Enbrel. I also knew I had tendinitis, and didn’t realize that possibly the joint and tendon pain was referring to my muscles.
Oh, what a pain in the a** PsA disease is!!!