Sudden increase of disablement in hip

I was wondering if others have had experience suffering a fairly sudden increase in pain and disability in a major joint. My left hip has, over the past little while, become constantly very painful, (it can wake me up) and will give out with a knife-like twinge on occasion. I have generally bilateral disease, affecting both sides fairly equally, so this is an unpleasant surprise, although I ought to be happy it isn't both hips! Anyone have anything to say about this subject?

Hi...i am allowed 3 steroid shots in each joint in a year.....My rheummy gives them, ultrasound guided, or better yet the ortho guy.

for right in the hip joint, he borrows the pain mgmt ( epidural guys) fluoroscopix xray machine....and gives it that way...bettr view

for bursa pain, more along side of thigh....i seem to get more of that

I have a shoulder in pingement, so manage with the 3 shots a year, so far

good luck, if they think necessary, they would order a MRI of the hip,

My left side (from the waist down) is usually worse than my left - and the opposite from my waist up. I will get sudden attacks on one side - or sometimes both, as recently happened with my neck/arms. Sudden swelling of one area often signals the beginning of a bigger flare for me if it's not the result of twisting/moving/sleeping wrong.