Starting new meds

Iam getting ready to start methotrexate very soon. I would like to know do you gain weight on this med?

When my mom took it, she got "puffy" in her face. Idk if that's a common SE or not.

I don't think it's typical. Prednisone, yes, you would gain weight. But MTX is not known for this.

Nope. SEs more often involve nausea and minor diarreah - more likely to induce mild loss if anything, (that happened to me), but I think the norm is no effect on weight.

Despite the MTX horror stories you hear, there are plenty of people who just take it with no SEs at all. And it is helpful for some. BTW, if the pills upset your system, switching to the injectable form often solves the problem. And I wouldn’t worry about weight changes.